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My first guru, Smt. Satyalakshmigaru in Bangalore has recognized me at my age of 5 while I was accompanying my elder sister to her classes. After securing the Junior Carnatic Vocal Title, I moved to Hyderabad in 2002 to purse my journey with my guru, Smt. I Chellayigaru, a renowned A.I.R artist and a professor in the BhaktaRamadasu Music College. My Veena training has also started here.

We(myself &NaliniPolepeddi),arerecognized as ‘Polepeddi Sisters’ while performing at many religious occasions, temples among many traditional TV shows. Following many recognized certificates, my performances at prestigious institutions kept me on my feet.

Only with the tremendous support of my family, I am able to succeed in a Tri-way! Me Being a Science teacher at Delhi Public School, an entrepreneurial music teacher and a considerable great family member.

My family being my biggest support & strength, my first guru, Smt. Satyalakshmigaru introduced me to classical Carnatic music and blessed take up this practice as a divine activity.

While I have won many competitions and certificates performing along with my sisterKatyayaniPolepeddi (Came to be known as ‘Polepeddi Sisters’together), I have also been a classical prefect and was responsible to train and prepare students for the competition and any other certificate courses.

I have spent time encouraging and nourishing interest to learn, practice & perform at concerts for all age groups alike.


Smt. Katyayani Kompella was born in a traditional and musically inclined family (1988) at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Katyayani had her initiation to music by her father, Sri. P. Sriram who has steered the potential within her leading to learn prayers and devotional songs at the age of 10 at Chinmaya mission school, Bangalore.

She moved to Hyderabad to learn from Shri. Challaiamma, an ‘A’ graded artist of All India Radio in Vocal and Veena. It was here that she underwent advanced training both in Vocal and Veena leading her to master a degree in Carnatic music.

With 20+ years of singing, she has performed at 250+ concerts all over south India while imparting this great culture and tradition to over 500+ students.

With an aim to keep this art form accessible to people across different geographical locations and to spread a sense of completeness through Nada Yoga – Music, Lasya Raaga was inaugurated by her in 2017.

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